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The following packages and modules from the Python Standard Library have been excluded from the MSI installation because they do not import currently in IronPython.

  • bsddb (_bsddb not implemented)
  • compiler (parser not implemented)
  • ctypes (_ctypes not implemented)
  • curses (_curses not implemented)
  • hotshot (_hotshot not implemented)
  • idlelib (Tkinter not implemented)
  • msilib (_msi not implemented)
  • sqlite3 (_sqlite not implemented)

Modules not included:
  • cProfile (_lsprof not implemented)
  • csv (_csv not implemented)
  • dbhash (_bsddb not implemented)
  • gzip (zlib not implemented)
  • pty, tty ( termios not implemented)
  • sre (cannot import name all)
  • stringprep (unicodedata not implemented)
  • subprocess, webbrowser (fcntl not implemented)
  • symtable (_symtable not implemented)

Partial packages not included:
  • encodings:
    • big5, big5hkscs, bz2_codec, cp037, cp1006, cp1026, cp1140, cp1250, cp1251, cp1252, cp1253, cp1254, cp1255, cp1256, cp1257, cp1258, cp424, cp500, cp856, cp874, cp875,
    • cp932, cp949, cp950, euc_jisx0213, euc_jis_2004, euc_jp, euc_kr, gb18030, gb2312, gbk, hz, idna, iso2022_jp, iso2022_jp_1, iso2022_jp_2, iso2022_jp_2004, iso2022_jp_3, iso2022_jp_ext,
    • iso2022_kr, iso8859_1, iso8859_10, iso8859_11, iso8859_13, iso8859_14, iso8859_15, iso8859_16, iso8859_2, iso8859_3, iso8859_4, iso8859_5, iso8859_6, iso8859_7, iso8859_8, iso8859_9,
    • johab, koi8_r, koi8_u, mac_centeuro, mac_croatian, mac_cyrillic, mac_farsi, mac_greek, mac_iceland, mac_roman, mac_romanian, mac_turkish, shift_jis, shift_jisx0213, shift_jis_2004, tis_620, zlib_codec
  • distutils: msvccompiler, mswerkscompiler, bdist_msi
  • xml: dom/, parser/, sax/expatreader, etree/cElementtree

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