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Hello IronPython Community,

We have just released IronPython 2.0 Alpha 3. This release is a snapshot of the on-going progress with IronPython 2.0 and the DLR. The most significant changes in this release include more work to use dynamic sites from IronPython and improved evaluation mode support. This release is also timed to closely coincide with the IronRuby release and provides a near-identical DLR release. As usual there are also a small number of targeted bug fixes.

The improved support for dynamic sites from IronPython has resulted in a performance improvement for a number of scenarios including method lookup, indexing operations, and member access. We expect future releases to continue with this trend to get improved performance in future versions. There are no significant changes to the underlying dynamic site infrastructure in this release but we expect some changes there which will also improve performance in future releases.

This release also contains near complete support for evaluation support. Evaluation support enables the DLR to interpret code instead of compiling it and executing it resulting in faster run times for code that is executed once or rarely executed at all. There are now only a handful of corner cases where evaluation support is incomplete. This includes generators as well as a small number of runtime name lookup issues. Because evaluation support is being implemented at the DLR level all languages will be able to benefit from this.

There are also a number of small tweaks to the underlying DLR infrastructure as it continues to evolve. This includes support for strongly typed CodeBlock’s and support for an InvokeMember action which more closely matches Ruby, JavaScript, and VisualBasic semantics for calling methods. There have also been some small cleanups to improve performance of some underlying DLR concepts such as initialization of dynamic sites.

Note: Again due to dependencies upon APIs that are not present in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha (released at MIX) you won’t be able to re-build this release for use with Silverlight. As both products stabilize more we expect better compatibility between releases.

You can download IronPython v2.0 at: 2.0 Alpha 3

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