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Hello IronPython Community,

We have just released IronPython 1.1 Alpha. This release introduces several new modules and features built upon the 1.0 code base along with many of our top requested bug fixes. This is the start of the 1.1 release cycle and future releases will focus primarily on fixing known issues. As always we’d appreciate if our users could vote on the existing bugs so we can prioritize our work going forward.

Major new features include support for XML Doc comments for generating help and doc strings and the SHA, MD5, and select modules. There are also many smaller improvements to existing modules.

You can download the release from:

We’d like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release: Christopher Baus, Diane Trout, Jörgen Stenarson, Michael Foord, Mike Raath, Seo Sanghyeon, and sophros.

More complete list of changes and bug fixes:
Bugfix: KeyboardInterrupt propagates after except block that catches it
Bugfix: Compiled regex gets different results for findall then non-compiled
Bugfix: regex match doesn’t implement lastgroup
Bugfix: Import in exec doesn’t publish into provided dictionary
Bugfix: Lacking file open() modes (at, rt, etc…)
Bugfix: PythonBinaryReader shouldn’t access Position if stream isn’t seekable
Bugfix: Cannot pass arbitrary sequence to method defined w/ both * and ** args
Bugfix: rb+ mode on file not implemented
Bugfix: improved thread safety of dictionaries
Bugfix: KeyError from dict adds quotes (and doesn’t contain original key, only string repr)
Bugfix: del {None:23} raises a TypeError
Support for external region blocks when producing errors
Bugfix: line number information in VS SDK is incorrect for web projects
Support for Python 2.5 unified try/except/finally
Support for Python 2.5 yield from finally block
help supports documentation on reflected fields, properties, and events
Support for XML Doc comments (requires XML files to live next to DLLs) for help and doc
Nt module implements spawnle, spawnv, spawnve functions
Socket implements makefile function
Support for picking exception instances
Fix issue with metaclass & deriving from mixed new-style / old-style classes
Implement select module
Implement sha module
Implement md5 module
Add new tests for codecs and CLR numeric interop

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